6: A month after my ex left me – what changed?

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You can’t keep being sad for four weeks straight. Often after a breakup, girls are miserable for a week or so but after that, you can start to see some smiles on their faces again.

Remember- if your ex has just left you -it’s likely he’s feeling the opposite of what you are right now.
I often take notes of new ideas or feelings.
I found a memo I wrote the day my ex left me exactly one month later.
The thoughts in the memo were
• His father
• Unstable emotions, sad then angry again
• Moving on
Then deciding not to contact him for 6 weeks

…. Interesting right? I had a full four weeks to think about the situation.

My work schedule was already planned before the breakup and I couldn’t change it at all.
All of a sudden, I had to do everything by myself.
That whole month, every day was a struggle and made me realise how much I was relying on him.
Looking back, I was lucky to have a partner who supported and helped me a lot in everyday life.
You realise that kind of thing when you lose them, you know…

After a while, my sadness turned to anger.
I was angry that I let myself get in a situation like that again.
Why did I ever think it was a good idea to enter the show? Why did I not realise earlier that he wasn’t happy? Why didn’t he want to discuss those problems with me?
I was angry at… myself.
Now I didn’t blame him that he left me.
I just blamed myself. It was all my fault.
Maybe I deserved it, I thought.

But that self-blame didn’t last long. I saw him on a dating app.

My next video is all about finding your new ex on a dating app and how I coped with that situation.

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