About Us

We, The Perfumers, are a small company that produce candles and scents, locally owned and operated in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our aim is to help people discover ‘simple happiness’ by enjoying the little things in life.

We are amazed by the mind’s ability to evoke memory through smell. We love that each of our scents will remind our customers of a memory unique to them.

All of our boutique candles are individually hand poured using eco-friendly soy wax and where possible, we use only natural ingredients. We’re firm believers that the quality of handcrafted products will always beat that of mass production. Our production proudly supports other locally owned small businesses.

We hope you will support us too.

Thank you always,

The Perfumers


The Perfumers is powered by YS Brands NZ LTD
 ‘House of Creativity and Idea Enthusiasts’
YS Brands NZ LTD are a locally owned and operated company inspired by people who are enthusiastic, have big ideas and the right amount of passion and enthusiasm to bring them to life.
We at YS Brands NZ LTD aim to work collaboratively with creative geniuses in order to produce a product that the brand, client and buyers alike are proud of. It is important to us that our clients know we work as a team with them and are there to enable, encourage and do all we can to make you and your product successful.
We live by the notion that
“No idea is impossible as long as there is creativity and passion behind it…”