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“Perfume: A cocktail of memories and emotions.” – Jeffery Stepakoff

The word “commitment” makes me cringe. I don’t remember when this word became so hard for me to say. After numerous bad experiences with boys, I am now officially a broken woman. I have difficulty trusting men, being “within” a relationship and growing a connection with a man. All I want is to love and be loved. How did it become such a hard task and why does it seem so impossible now? With the
When you’re a little older and a little wiser, you’re often able to put your views aside and see things from a different angle. Maybe this is why it’s hard for me to completely fall in love. I briefly saw a wonderful man who is still one of my go-to people for business advice. He’s a lot older than me and has lived a hell of a life. He’s lived all around the world and
People with confidence are sexy and attractive. You can feel a real energy coming from the core of the person and the surrounding aura speaks for itself. I once dated a man who was a professional, very confident, extremely masculine and kept to a healthy diet. As well as being tall and good looking, he could engage me in conversation about politics for more than half an hour. But…he thought the world revolved around him.
It’s coming up nearly two years since I made the best decision I’ve ever made- to leave my man child fiancé. The man child and I were together for 6 years and he was my first serious boyfriend. I felt so lucky at the start to love and be loved, I’d never had that before. Looking back on it now though, his lack of maturity and selfishness was right there from the start. The man
From about 28, suddenly, our lives get busier. Some people start businesses, others take on more responsibility at work. It’s the beginning of a different stage in life. Maybe some of us start seriously considering marriage and starting a family. I was dating a very busy man at the time. He had his own business and worked for someone else at the same time. His business offices were in Wellington and Christchurch. His boss’s offices