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“Perfume: A cocktail of memories and emotions.” – Jeffery Stepakoff

Like many other young women, at times, I am my own worst critic. It’s something I’m aware of and am trying to change. I have been working on talking to myself more positively. The other day, though, I had a setback. I got my new passport photo back…and had a full-blown melt down. ‘Is this what everyone else sees?’ ‘no one will ever marry me’ ‘I. am. so. ugly’ were some of the kinder thoughts
Men and women process feelings so differently. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to understand each other. When we share a problem, women want to be agreed with, then shown care and empathy. When men hear our problem, they think they need to come up with a solution. Except we never ask for one. I was working in a high-pressure environment and so was my boyfriend at the time. He had been in the same industry
About 4 years into our happily ever after, my partner and I came up with a genius idea – to get a puppy. It seemed like the logical next step in our relationship; move in, get a dog, have a baby. We were instantly besotted when we met our little boy. I thought he might miss his family and hate his first car ride home with us, but he clung to me and had his
The word “commitment” makes me cringe. I don’t remember when this word became so hard for me to say. After numerous bad experiences with boys, I am now officially a broken woman. I have difficulty trusting men, being “within” a relationship and growing a connection with a man. All I want is to love and be loved. How did it become such a hard task and why does it seem so impossible now? With the
When you’re a little older and a little wiser, you’re often able to put your views aside and see things from a different angle. Maybe this is why it’s hard for me to completely fall in love. I briefly saw a wonderful man who is still one of my go-to people for business advice. He’s a lot older than me and has lived a hell of a life. He’s lived all around the world and