Simple Happiness

It’s the Little Things:

Our aim is to help people discover their ‘simple happiness’

In a world dominated by money, materialism and media it can be easy to forget to embrace the little things in life that make us happy. Whether it be a book, a bath or the beach, The Perfumers believe appreciation of these little, simple things is the key to lasting happiness.

Use our natural, handcrafted products to slow down, relax and enjoy your ‘simple happiness’

Our Environmental Promise

As an environmentally conscious company, we do all that we can to ensure our products do not negatively impact the planet or you.

All of our boutique candles are individually hand poured using eco-friendly vegan soy wax and where possible, we use only natural ingredients. We’re firm believers that the quality of handcrafted products will always beat that of mass production.

To reduce waste, we wrap our candles in Traditional Japanese cloth called “furoshiki”. The furoshiki is hand-sown and can be reused in multiple different ways.

Chemical free, cruelty free, guilt free.